Three kilometres from town, the winding Dasklip Pass leads the way to Porterville-on-the-Mountain. This route offers a spectacular panorama of the area and as one steadily climbs higher ‘fynbos’ fragrances fill the air. On reaching the summit a gravel road takes one to Berghoff, an export, cut flower farm and home to the endemic Proteamagnifica. Owners Margot and Marius Huysamer have been farming with cut flowers since 2009. Join Margot for a drive through the fields of Barbis, Ice Queens and Snow Princesses. The packing shed will enchant all flower lovers. Here deft hands clean the proteas of excess leaves and the perfect flower heads are carefully placed in tissue clad boxes for their overseas journey. Visitors are welcome to arrange a short tour of the farm and packing sheds. Flower season is June to December.


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