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Andante Olive Oil

Andante Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is made from olives grown on the Wêreldsgeluk Olive Estate, owned by Willie and Lisa Duminy’s family trust. The farm is situated near Porterville, about 130 km North-East of Cape Town, in the scenic Western foothills of the Winterhoek mountains.

Cultivation, harvest timing, and milling are directed at producing the finest premium quality EVOO, with a focus on complex, harmonious flavors, and maximizing bisphenols and mono-unsaturated fats for their extraordinary culinary and health benefits.

Farming practices are ethical, sustainable, and natural where possible. Mulches and composts are used in conjunction with selected fertilizers to promote soil life and health. Pest control is by integrated pest management (IPM). Potential pest populations are monitored, and controlled by wasps, spiders, and other natural predators, rather than indiscriminate poisons. Pesticides are avoided and have not been used since 2006. Drip irrigation is used for responsible and precise water management.

A modern two-phase MORI-TEM “Cultivar” mill, renowned for top quality oil production, is used. All EVOO is cold-extracted. No artificial additives are used, and opportunities for unwanted oxidation avoided. Immediate filtration achieves a balance between optimal purification, and maximum flavor and bisphenol preservation.

The first trees were planted in March 2006, and there are now 36 hectares under cultivation in an intensive system, with about 35 000 trees of 8 cultivars.